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 Children’s daily nutritional requirements are given to   each child at the center. Meals are prepared on site and   children receive breakfast, lunch, and snack. The food   service staff collaborates with the Director for ideas   and suggestions to plan the monthly menu.

 Meals are served family-style, offering students the   opportunity for mealtime to be a time for both learning   and sharing. Teaching the children to eat independently   and to serve themselves is an important part of meal   time.

  Calender 2020-2021

               About our Payment Schedule

 All Fees are expected to be paid the Friday before   services are rendered. If your child is not in attendance   Monday morning payment will be due on the first day of   their return. Any Payments received after Monday   morning will incur a late fee of $5.00 All payments must   be in the form of check or money order. The Center does   not accept cash as fee payments. If a check is returned   due to insufficient funds, the center may request that all   following payment be by Money Order only. For all   returned checks there will be a $25 handling fee as well   as any bank charges the center may have incurred.   

 Should you experience   difficulties making your payment, arrangements can be   made by contacting the center’s administrative assistant or Director.

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